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Thinking about getting school uniforms? Reach out to Albany Clothing & Promotions Co. We can design casual, comfortable school wear for students of all ages.

School uniforms offer students, family and staff many advantages. A standard school uniform:

  • Eliminates the pressure students feel to keep up with fashion trends.
  • Saves parents from spending money on a full, yearly wardrobe.
  • Makes enforcing the dress code simple and objective.

Albany Clothing & Promotions Co. provides uniforms to schools in the Delmar, NY area. Call 518-432-3333 now to learn about our style options.

3 reasons your sports team needs a uniform

3 reasons your sports team needs a uniform

Your uniform says a lot about your team. Simply having a uniform gives the team a sense of:

  1. Unity: Create a feeling of community among teammates.
  2. Distinctiveness: Distinguish your players from other teams.
  3. Comradery: Identify others in your community instantly.

Albany Clothing & Promotions can create a custom uniform and promotional attire for any sports team. You can order full uniforms, T-shirts and hats with your team's colors and logo.

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