Say Thank You With Style

Show your appreciation with an award ceremony

Many businesses and organizations rely on volunteers and benefactors to support them. Thank your organization's helpers by presenting them with customized awards. Albany Clothing & Promotions Co. lets you choose from a variety of upscale plaques and commemorative clocks to recognize your supporters.

Contact our shop today to discuss your customization and design options. We'll be glad to offer our professional advice on style and wording.

Encourage community spirit in your company with awards

Encourage community spirit in your company with awards

A little recognition goes a long way in the workplace. Commemorate your employees' contributions to your company with personalized awards. Albany Clothing & Promotions offers a selection of high-end awards, including:

  • Acrylic awards
  • Plaques
  • Glass awards
  • Clocks

Airflyte distributes many of our upscale awards.

Show your employees that your business rewards loyalty and hard work. Call 518-432-3333 now to learn more about our customization options.